Meet Me in the Alley achieved more than we could have ever imagined.  My family spent a year and a half (literally) in an alley when realized we were ready to wrap up the project.

But after some time away, we started to really miss everyone.  We spent so much time getting to know the people who made up our city within the confines of "the alley".  But this time, we will be meeting in YOUR Wheeling.

They alley simply let us meet you, and now we want to get to know you.

Meet Me in Your Wheeling.  You name the place, because we are coming to you this time!

Photos alone won't do this project justice.  We will be blogging along with the project, and having the beautiful individuals that make our city shine answer questions about our city.

Just like Meet Me in the Alley, #MeetMeInYourWHG will remain free to anyone who chooses to participate.  Our only goal is to celebrate the people and the unique and inspired makeup of our amazing city.