Glenn's Wheeling :: The Professional Building

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What is your Wheeling? Why is it significant to you or Wheeling?

Wheeling has meant different things to me throughout my life.  As a young man, it was the comfortable nest from which I sought to fly away in search of opportunity.  As a young professional, it became that peaceful safe space to which I would return on holidays and long weekends.  But when I moved back home for good, it became something different and more meaningful.  It became a cause.  A purpose.  A place where I could be myself and challenge the status quo.  


What do you hope Wheeling’s future holds?

While the specifics still need to be ironed out, I want to see Wheeling again become a city of boundless hope.  A place that at long last is more preoccupied with the next ten years than the last fifty.  A community where anything is possible.  We had that here once—in the 1890s and early 20th Century when most of the extant buildings in our Downtown were erected.  But here’s the thing:  The people who built all these buildings weren’t thinking of the 1850s; they were looking to the future.  As should we.


What makes Wheeling unique?

Its architecture per capita.  I challenge anyone to find me a city of 27,500 or less that has anything close to our stock of classic, elegant, historic buildings. (Hint: You’ll be wasting your time.)

Glenn's Meet Me in the Alley photo can be found HERE.