Hey there.  I'm Bennett.

I'm a mischievous, light-painting, fire-playing, urban-exploring fool. Those aspects allow me to release the abstract and artistic side of my photography. I'm also a professional, friendly, and discrete photographer for events, weddings, and portraits. Those aspects allow me to hone in on my photography career.

There was never expectation that I would have entered the photography world.  While enjoying taking photos on the disposable camera and hand me down point-and-shoots, I didn't have a passion for it until later in life. I began taking long exposures in dark areas and found the light painting images hypnotic, but wanted more. I always tried to find ways to make the light paintings to include more and have a bigger impact. However, I wasn't able to do more until I grew in both experiences and equipment.  Now down the line, there are many projects that I'm working on both artistically and professionally.